Mission and Vision


Preparing young men and women from orphanages all over Honduras to become confident and competent young adults that with the right help and guidance will grow to be skilled young adults that can take care and responsibility of their own lives and contribute to their country.


We want to be recognized as a safe and competent transition program for the many orphanages in Honduras where they can send their youth knowing that they will be helped and guided in the best possible way through their transition phase and successfully reintegrated into society.

People behind the program:

The World Orphan Fund.
I’ve always wished I could do something to help orphans. If you’ve said that to yourself, we’re glad you’re here. The World Orphan Fund is dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned children by meeting their basic needs and providing opportunities for them to reach their fullest potential.

Our working model is transformational funding. We identify significant problems that without our involvement won’t get fixed anytime soon and will have a dramatic impact on the lives of children. Then we step in quickly to move the ball foward.  We get personally involved with the orphanages we work with. We know who’s running them and we spend a lot of time with the children who live there.

Since 2011 we have been able to visit 37 orphanages in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, and Columbia and have completed 40 crucial projects. Our funding and involvement have been critical to starting vocational education programs, providing clean water, creating transition programs, building homes, hiring teachers, and supporting special needs children in a variety of ways. Of those, helping provide quality care for children with physical and cognitive disabilities has been our most rewarding work.

The World Orphan Fund has no paid staff or headquarters. We’re volunteers.  What few operating expenses do exist are absorbed by our board. That means 100% of your donation goes toward the shelter, clothing, medical care, education and other needs of orphaned children.

Check us out and let us know what you think. We welcome your input. You can contact us directly by sending an email to rj@theworldorphanfund.org.

The World Orphan Fund is a 501c (3) public charity. Individual and corporate contributions are accepted. Contributions to the World Orphan Fund are tax deductible.